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Our clients trust us to ensure their technology is running at optimal performance. Here are their stories.

Technology Spotlight Affinity Health Center

This nonprofit needed someone to modernize their outdated IT systems, that’s why they called Servcom USA.

Are you losing valuable working hours waiting on your apps to catch up? Don’t let lag slow your business down. Discover how we solved this problem for one of our clients in the manufacturing industry.
Servcom USA Saves Firm From Server Failure
Failing to take care of your server will eventually lead to total server failure—that’s precisely what could have happened to this South Carolina manufacturing firm if they hadn’t been working with Servcom USA.
Case Study Dysfunctional Server Room
A poorly maintained or aging server can present a number of serious risks to organizations like this South Carolina medical organization. Without proper management, a faulty server can cause a lot of problems…
Servcom USA Saves Firm From Server Failure
This nonprofit needed an IT company to quickly take over their accounting software hosting and restore access so they could pay their 800+ employees. Here’s how Servcom USA helped.
Nonprofit organization
The ability to work remotely was proven to be such an opportunity and allowed organizations to be flexible
and responsive.
Servcom USA Saves Firm From Server Failure
Are you and your team fed up with the problems caused by your old servers? Then why bother with it any longer? Servcom USA will take care of your hardware for you, just like we did for this South Carolina firm.
Servcom USA Saves Firm From Server Failure
Linde Hydraulics Corporation
Linde Hydraulics Corporation faced a common problem for growing companies, “growing pains” with their previous IT service provider led to insufficient service.
Servcom USA Saves Firm From Server Failure
Sunbelt Colors
Sunbelt Colors is a chemical manufacturing and solvent dye business that depends on their IT to run their business and do research. When a ransomware virus locked up their system for days, they knew they needed a new IT Provider.
Servcom USA Saves Firm From Server Failure
Affinity Health Center
From the construction of Affinity Health Center (AHC) in Rock Hill, SC to implementing an Electronic Health Record system, AHC has depended on Servcom USA to provide secure and reliable technology.
Servcom USA Saves Firm From Server Failure
Polymers Center of Excellence

When Polymers Center of Excellence (PCE) in Charlotte, NC was struggling with a lack of reliable and responsive support from their Current IT provider they found Servecom USA.

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