Executive Summary

Polymers Center of Excellence (PCE) is a North Carolina not-for-profit located in Charlotte. Created by the state, PCE specializes in providing training, testing, and engineering expertise with regards to injection molding and extrusion for the plastics industry. Originally a state-funded addition to the Industrial Extension Service program at UNCC started in 1972, PCE is today continuing to impact economic development through education, research and development, and trial production in the plastics industry.


PCE was struggling with a lack of reliable and responsive service from their current IT provider. The center felt as though they were being left behind when it came to technology, knowing they needed to be constantly growing and upgrading their infrastructure to remain current. They had also never had a powerful Internet presence. PCE simply reached a point where they wanted to make changes and upgrade their services – something they couldn’t do with their current provider.

Our Strategy

Having met members of the Servcom USA team previously and deciding that we came across as knowledgeable and honest, when the time came to make a change, they chose to partner with us.

PCE had a to-do list for us, starting with taking over the switch from T1-fibre lines that was underway already. We upgraded their aging servers and added rack mounts, as well as installing a number of newer and more reliable network solutions. Parts of their operations were moved to the cloud where feasible, and a more stable and reliable Data Backup Solution was put in place in addition to upgrades to their cybersecurity. A main concern from the PCE team was that they needed their provider to have an understanding of the hardware and software needed for success in their industry. They still have to use older, industry-specific software that can’t be replaced, which creates challenges while trying to modernize their IT. However, it was a challenge the Servcom team was happy to take on. Finally, we took the time to clean up their network and remove unnecessary burdens on resources – something previous providers had not done.


After completing the needed upgrades and changes, PCE is now on our Silver Managed Services Agreement package, which includes 5×9 support (weekdays, business hours), RMM, Managed A/V, Internet Cybersecurity, Reporting, Unlimited Support, and vCIO Services. They now have to tools and support needed for continued success. Phil Shoemaker from Polymers Center of Excellence explains:

“They’ve handled [challenges with our software] well and everything works, so we’re happy about that. In terms of getting us to where we need to be – In a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost, I have very little to complain about! They’ve done a remarkable job of cataloging and staying on top of things.”

With new technology in place and a partnership with a responsive IT company to support that technology, Polymers Center of Excellence is now able to focus on the important work that they do for the plastics industry without worrying that their technology will hold them back as the industry continues to evolve.

To learn more about the Managed IT Solutions Servcom USA provides to Polymers Center of Excellence and others in the manufacturing industry, visit our website, or contact us at (803) 619-1414 today.

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