Affinity Health Center (AHC) in Rock Hill, South Carolina is a full-service, nonprofit, health provider for adults and children.  Their medical professionals provide everything from primary care and dental services to mental health counseling and HIV/Hepatitis C Treatment. With 65 employees and 20 years in business, residents of Rock Hill rely on AHC’s providers for their healthcare needs.

As with most medical practices, AHC relies on secure and reliable technology and Electronic Health Records. When their practice outgrew their location, they moved from their existing office space to a brand-new clinic. They required help along the way to relocate and upgrade their IT system. So, they turned to Servcom USA for expert advice and service.

A Trusted IT Provider From The Beginning — Servcom USA Has Been With AHC Since Their Inception

We’ve been AHC’s IT provider since their inception, so their staff and medical professionals had complete faith in our capabilities. Our relationship was initially established as fundamental technology support for the startup nonprofit organization.

Since then, AHC has grown over the years becoming more dependent on our expertise and guidance during their rapid growth and change in focus and identity. Servcom USA has been instrumental in helping AHC develop a technology infrastructure robust enough to meet their implementation of an Electronic Health Record system and increasing use of technology.

Expert Advice & Exceptional IT Relocation Services Every Step Of The Way

The construction and relocation together took over two years, and we assisted AHC every step of the way.  We handled the following:

  • The planning and networking of IT systems for the new building.
  • Purchasing and installation of new IT systems (networking, WIFI, security).
  • Relocation of some existing systems from their current facilities to the new building.
  • Integration of multiple vendors’ systems into their new IT network.

We provided advisory services and consulting through every stage of the construction and relocation process, with input on the layout of the building, location of network outlets and network closets. Our staff installed and configured all the new networking equipment. Firewalls and VLANs were configured to allow patients’ access to online resources while keeping their data encrypted and secured.

All Deadlines Were Met & Relocation Services Provided For One Monthly Fee

AHC’s relocation of IT services was deployed according to schedule, and their network was up and running in time to see patients. Plus, they weren’t burdened with surcharges or additional payments for labor.  Everything was included in our base monthly fee, including Remote Management and Monitoring, AntiVirus Solutions, virtual CIO Services and more.

Some of the technologies we used included:

  • Netgear switches and wireless access points.
  • Sophos XG Firewalls.
  • VLANs and Firewalls.
  • Dell Solutions.

Bryan Martin – AHC’s Finance Director Says It All

“Servcom USA designed an infrastructure that supports the reliable systems we need to operate our business. They helped us at every stage of the conversion. When we needed help relocating to our new building Servcom assisted in the planning and design of the infrastructure, assisted with the identification of strategic partners and helped with the physical relocation of all IT systems.

While their help with design and planning was critical, the willingness to bring staff in to physically help us move all of our systems and have them operational in a short window of time was an exceptional service and greatly appreciated.

Servcom continues to provide a high-level design and support system for Affinity Health Center by essentially serving as our virtual Chief Information Officer. They provide practical design, planning, monitoring, and technical support functions.

I would highly recommend Servcom USA to other organizations. They are positioned to assist at various levels of need. And based on our long-standing relationship I can say that they have contributed significantly to our organization’s success and impact on our community.”

Looking For Expert IT Relocation Services For An All-Inclusive Fee?

Proper planning is key. Because your technology supports all phases of your business operations, if you end up with an inadequate infrastructure it could negatively affect your productivity and efficiency.

Whether you run a nonprofit organization, construction company, manufacturing firm or any other business in the Carolinas, Servcom USA can expertly handle your needs. And if you’re planning a new IT installation or relocation, we’ll be there to advise and implement every step of the way.  Our all-inclusive pricing takes the worries out of budgeting. You’ll have the excellent service you need at a predictable price you can count on.

Need help planning for your business relocation in the Carolinas?  Contact Servcom USA. We’ll ensure you’re making the “right move” when it comes to your technology.

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