Servcom USA Streamlined This Medical Organization’s Dysfunctional Server Room

Servers are the backbone of an IT environment.

While many businesses today have opted to outsource their server needs via the cloud, hosting your infrastructure onsite is still a requirement for many organizations.

That’s why servers need to be taken care of. Careful maintenance, management of updates, and tracking of its lifecycle are critical for an organization’s uptime.

Failing to take care of your server will eventually lead to total server failure—that’s precisely what could have happened to this South Carolina medical organization if they hadn’t been working with Servcom USA.

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Server Room South Carolina

This South Carolina Medical Organization’s Server Room Was A Mess…

Over their years in business, this organization’s server room had become a mess—active servers were on the floor, out-of-date equipment was taking up space, and their cabling was completely disorganized.

A poorly maintained or aging server can present several serious risks to organizations like this South Carolina medical organization. Without proper management, a faulty server can cause a lot of problems…

No Room

Servers only have so much storage space to offer, and by using the same ones for nearly a decade, this medical organization had run out.

Lag & Performance Issues

The older hardware gets, the more likely it’ll start to slow down. With their entire medical organization relying on access to apps and data stored on these old servers, it was only a matter of time before their staff-wide productivity began to drop.

Risk of Data Loss

Hardware gets so old that it’s prone to fail at a certain point. For a range of reasons, it’ll just stop working. When this medical organization’s server fails, it means they’ll experience downtime while they wait for it to restart, not to mention that they could lose data that isn’t backed up.

How We Solved Their Infrastructural Problems

This medical organization knew they needed to address their server problems before they cost them big. Here’s how we turned their messy server room into an organized, secure, and optimized foundation for their IT environment:

  • Reorganized standing servers that were previously stored on the floor
  • Installed and configured a new network rack
  • Removed old, out-of-date and unsecured equipment
  • Migrated legacy equipment into the new server rack

As a result of this project, this medical organization’s hardware is more functional and secure. In the coming months and years, we will phase out legacy equipment and execute upgrades as necessary to keep the client productive and secure.

This South Carolina Medical Organization Trusts Servcom USA With Their IT

Thanks to our expert support, this medical organization won’t encounter performance, security, or stability issues. Recognizing our capabilities and dedication, this South Carolina medical organization has hired us to provide managed services on an ongoing basis.

To this day, we take care of their entire IT environment, ensuring their server and other IT assets are reliable around the clock.

Are you worried about your server room? Set a meeting with the Servcom USA team to deal with them immediately.

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