Servcom USA Solved Nonprofit Organizations Payroll Software Crisis

A nonprofit organization recently reached out to Servcom USA and needed a reliable and professional IT company to quickly take over their accounting software hosting and restore access so they could pay their 800+ employees. Here’s how Servcom USA helped.

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This Nonprofit Suddenly Lost Access To Their Payroll Software…

This client is a 501(c) nonprofit organization that provides a range of services to support homeless people in their region.

Funded almost entirely through government programs, this client manages a long list of apartment buildings to house those in need of shelter and provides clinical services, crisis response services, and more. With more than 800 employees, this client depends on their accounting software to accurately track staff hours and manage their payroll effectively.

Prior to partnering with Servcom USA, they had worked with a different hosting provider, with whom everything was fine—until it wasn’t. Out of the blue, this client lost access to their accounting software.

When they got in touch with their hosting provider, they were informed nothing could be done, leaving them without a way to track employee timesheets or execute their payroll processes.

Nonprofit Organization Accounting Software

This Nonprofit Immediately Began Looking For Help…

Over the course of two weeks, this nonprofit was unable to access their accounting software, which was severely affecting their ability to operate, compensate their staff, and provide their critical services.

In their search for another IT company that was familiar with their specific accounting software, this nonprofit got in touch with one of our clients. They were soon referred to us and quickly explained that they needed immediate assistance in regaining access to their hosted accounting software.

After verifying that we could indeed solve their problem, the Servcom USA team got to work…

How Servcom USA Solved This Nonprofit’s Crisis

Understanding how time-sensitive this project was, our team immediately began working to help this nonprofit rebuild its hosted environment and access its accounting software again.

  • We worked with the previous hosting provider to access data backups.
  • We spun up three new servers over the course of a single weekend.
  • We arranged an hourly IT support contract to ensure they had the assistance they would need over the following few months.

In just a few days, we were able to set up a new, functional and reliable cloud setting for this nonprofit’s accounting software. The client was able to get up and going quickly, enjoying a new degree of speed and reliability.

Servcom USA Moved Seamlessly Moved This Nonprofit To AWS

For as necessary as it is in the modern business landscape, the cloud can be daunting.

Finding the right application of the many available options is no small task—Servcom USA is here to help.

Servcom USA assists clients like this nonprofit in navigating the comprehensive AWS suite of industry-leading cloud infrastructure services to make sure it’s optimized for their business purposes.

AWS offers one of the most expansive and popular cloud computing platforms in the world, delivering 175 fully-featured services to millions of customers.


AWS allows users to access an extensive range of features, from infrastructure technologies such as computing, storage, and databases, to more innovative offerings like machine learning and AI.


AWS delivers both security and flexibility, meeting the high standards of highly regulated sectors. AWS keeps user data secure with 230 distinct security, compliance, and governance systems.


AWS isn’t just built to meet the needs of today’s business—it is continually being developed to occupy the leading edge of cloud computing technology. From serverless computing space to fully managed machine learning, AWS continues to evolve.

This Nonprofit Enjoys Expert AWS Support From Servcom USA

While, at first, this nonprofit planned to move the solution away from us and manage it independently, they soon decided to stay with us. They witnessed our speed and quality of support firsthand and understood they wouldn’t encounter the same problems they had with their previous hosting provider.

The Servcom USA team set them up with a custom MSA agreement for 24/7 chat and phone support for their servers. In this arrangement, they’ll never have to worry about losing access to their software and data again.