Business Continuity Services and Business Continuity Planning

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world in ways beyond imagination. Perhaps the most notable change is the accelerated shift from school and office-based to virtual or remote learning. This unexpected turn of events has transformed how people collaborate, access data, communicate, etc. It’s also changed cybersecurity and business continuity.

Additionally, the new setup has also led to a tremendous spike in cybersecurity threats. Companies, large or small alike, are on the receiving end. These developments have born the need for business continuity planning to manage critical factors like security, costs, and capacity in the long term.

Protecting Your Critical Data Through Business Continuity Planning

Let’s face it, maintaining business continuity under the present circumstances isn’t child’s play. Especially when you’re doing it alone. It takes time and expenses to set up an on-premise solution. Those are very scarce resources during this time of uncertainty. But is there a better alternative? You bet! The solution lies in collaboration with a top-rated IT support company like Servcom USA.

We are a company of technology experts specializing in providing IT services, including business continuity planning. We leverage our resources and expertise to help businesses develop and maintain a continuity plan. This protects their most critical IT operations and data.

Below are our three core focus points when developing a plan:

  • Complete workstation
  • Umbrella services
  • Email server

Complete Workstation

Data is an essential component of business operations, with most functions and departments relying on its availability. If your company were to lose or misplace files and folders containing sensitive data, most processes would come to a halt. That’s precisely what we aim to solve by providing complete workstation backup.

Our strategy comprises a data backup solution that helps businesses mitigate data loss effects and significantly reduce recovery time. We approach data backup in a holistic manner to ensure optimal consistency and stability. We do this work regardless of what data disaster befalls your company.

We’re capable of restoring all files, including images, to a different device in case of damage or destruction of the original hardware. Furthermore, if you no longer need a file and decide to delete it, we’ll hold it on retention for up to 30 days. This is in case you change your mind. And the best part? Our retention policies are customizable. Plus, we offer unlimited revisions during those 30 days.

Overall, our business planning strategies for workstations include:

  • Backing up off all workstation files and folders
  • Image-capturing data, operating systems, and applications
  • Frequently assessing all backups to ensure their viability
  • Fully restoring backed-up data on new equipment if a risk occurs, involving the destruction of the original hardware
  • Ability to backup and restore data to either a central or alternative location
  • Retaining data files for up to 30 days upon deletion

Umbrella Services

Our holistic business continuity plan also encompasses umbrella services to guard workstations and servers against disasters like adverse weather, bugs, power failure, hardware & software failures, etc. We provide data backups with quicker intervals in 15 minutes. Therefore, when a disaster occurs at a moment’s notice, your data will be safe and protected.

Our mission is to help businesses enjoy uninterrupted productivity, no matter what happens. We empower companies to keep up with normal business activities by enabling them to access and use all compatible devices from within the cloud environment.

You’re probably wondering; how do we manage to protect workstations and servers from disasters to promote continuous productivity? Simple! We back up data files, software, and business applications to a cloud-based/virtual computer. The virtual machines typically get hosted on powerful servers that come in handy in performing critical tasks that wouldn’t be practicable in an on-premise data center. Below are a few of such umbrella services:

Running SaaS Applications

As you may be aware, Software-as-a-Service, aka, SaaS is a transformative method of providing software to end-users via the cloud and over the internet. So if a disaster like hardware failure or theft were to happen, users would still be able to access their business software on different pieces of equipment and carry on with productivity.

Backing Up Data

Cloud-based computers are famous for backing up data because they create timeless accessibility. What’s more, virtual machines facilitate scalability, reduce redundancy, and cut maintenance costs. We can’t say the same about on-site data centers.

Cloud-based data backup popularity mainly owes to the fact that it’s much easier and affordable to purchase an extra GB of storage space, than building a new data center to accommodate the need for more storage. And as we mentioned, trusting us to steer your business continuity planning means we’ll be backing up your data after every 15 minutes to eliminate interruptions.

Email ServerEmail server crashes may cause massive business interruptions and potential data breaches, considering that the communication platform is one of the most targeted by cybercriminals. Thankfully, we can help your business to continue enjoying uninterrupted productivity and functions with our cloud-based continuity plan.

Besides protecting against server crashes, our cloud-based platform offers continued email services even if your on-premise server gets compromised or breaks down. In essence, hosting email services on the cloud enhances business continuity and leads to greater savings on costs, fewer maintenance needs, ease of access, elimination of security concerns, etc.

Servcom USA is Your Trusted Business Continuity Partner

Are you a South Carolina business owner looking to reduce workflow complexities, improve operations, elevate workforce morale and win new business deals with the help of IT? Well, you know the first step to that cause is completing a business continuity plan, right?

This is a critical step that any business must take. Inconveniences like downtime, as well as cyber risks, come unannounced. That’s why we care to help. We can help you avoid financial revenue loss, reputation damage, and other disservices with our IT support and cloud services. Get in touch¬†with our team of tech experts to learn more about the importance of continuity planning.