“They have a very good handle on what they’re doing,” says Lytton. “They’re just one of those companies that you find every now and then that are just good, hard-working, fair companies.”

Greg Lytton, Business Development Director,  Linde Hydraulics

IT Support For Growth & Expansion

Originally based out of Germany, Linde Hydraulics moved to the United States in 1970. Under new leadership more recently, their goal has been to grow into US-based markets. Over the past few years, Linde Hydraulics has done just that, growing by 20% – 30% every year.

Unfortunately, a common downside of growing is the fact that you quickly outpace a lot of your support services. One of the most common of these “growing pains” is insufficient IT services. As Linde Hydraulics has continued to expand in the US, their previous IT company was not able to provide what they needed.

Greg Lytton, Business Development Director, at Linde Hydraulics spoke to the Servcom USA team, and was immediately impressed by their speed of service. Once a roadmap had been developed by Lytton and the Servcom USA team, they were ready to work together.


“Servcom has been exemplary in their performance and their operation,” says Lytton. “They’re extremely good. Our account manager William Rogers is amazing, the tech support team that he has working for us is amazing.”


Active & Effective IT Support

With more than three decades in business and 100 employees on the payroll, Linde Hydraulics is a big and complicated organization. There are a lot of moving parts, and so, they need IT support that can handle a high volume of support requests and keep their system operating smoothly.

This is especially important for Lytton; although he liaises with Linde Hydraulics’ IT support providers, that’s not his only role in the company. As North American OEM Sales Director and Business Development Director, he has a lot to oversee and doesn’t have time for unaddressed or repetitive IT errors.


Working with Servcom USA has eliminated any previous issues with reoccurring IT problems, and slow time frames for ticket resolution. The Servcom USA team is swift and effective in their response, which allows Lytton and the other staff members at Linde Hydraulics to focus on their work, not on their IT.


“We go through a lot of tickets a day, and those guys handle it, no questions,” says Lytton. “The most important thing I could tell you about is that I’m not hearing anything from our people. They’re not complaining about their computers, their servers, their downtime, that means that Servcom USA is doing their job extremely well.”

Budgeting & IT Project Management

Recently, Lytton was looking into the expensive and time-consuming process of selecting and implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. While it’s a necessary step for businesses the size of Linde Hydraulics, many are hesitant to undertake it because of the cost. That’s not to mention the kind of research and leg work that has to be done to find the right vendors, consider different options, and make the most cost-effective decision.

Over lunch with his contact at Servcom USA, William Rogers, Lytton brought up the need to look into ERP solutions for Linde Hydraulics. Without being asked, Rogers offered to get the processes started, working with multiple vendors to gather info, arrange meetings, and more.

“He said, ‘I’ll do some research and I’ll bring in some vendors’,” said Lytton. “’We’ll bring them in and do a meeting with your principals in the fourth quarter, and we’ll go through it for you, even though it’s not going to be for a few years’. I did not solicit that at all from him, he just volunteered that – that’s the kind of stuff those guys do.”


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