Want The Best Microsoft 365 Services? Bet on Servcom USA

Technology is currently the driving force behind any company’s success. Therefore, if you insist on not integrating in your operations, your business is likely to fail. Many industries have found Microsoft 365 to be the best cloud solution and productivity tool available.

The transition to Microsoft 365 has been projected to result in a full return on investments (ROI) within 13 months. For any business operating in South Carolina, Servcom USA can implement all Microsoft 365 services for your needs. We help you choose the right Microsoft 365 configuration and assist you in the migration. This way, the transition is seamless, and stress-free.

Why Should You Shift to Microsoft 365?


Since it is a subscription-based plan whose cost depends on the number of users, you are not obligated to commit a considerable amount of money. This is true even when some employers are no longer using it. With Microsoft 365, you pay a low monthly fee for every user. This means that you can change the plans whenever you add or remove users. Flexibility is crucial to the growth of a small business with limited resources. Additionally, it improves your cash flow. You can turn it off whenever there is no need.

Mobile Access

Microsoft 365 empowers remote workers by allowing them to work from wherever they are. It facilitates productivity because workers don’t have to deal with heavy traffic jams. Working in an environment that employees are comfortable in also boosts morale, which in turn increases productivity. You can enjoy synchronized information in emails, calendars, and contacts. This ensures that employees can access team schedules even when on the go.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 enables you to save files to the clouds in SharePoint libraries. Consequently, such files can be synchronized with One Drive for Business on both office computers and mobile devices. Therefore, your employees can view the documents and edit or share documents wherever they are.

Effective Communication

With Microsoft 365, you never have to worry about staff not receiving your messages. Microsoft Exchange Active Sync offers synchronized mailbox data between mobile devices and Exchange Online. Consequently, employees can access their email from virtually anywhere and receive emails as soon as they hit the mailbox, eliminating communication delay. Moreover, Microsoft 365 services include Lync, which grants users the advantage of instant messaging. Besides enabling chat with many employees simultaneously, you can also participate in video conferencing. Push notifications ensure you can track new invitations.

Advanced Security Features

Having your data in the clouds prevents data loss in case disaster strikes your premises. Microsoft 365 has security features that vary according to the plan you choose for your business. Some of them are:

Multi-factor authentication

It adds an extra security layer when signing. After entering your password, you have to enter a verification code sent to your mobile phone. That way, even if hackers can crack your password, they cannot access your files. Microsoft 365 offers Azure AD multi-factor authentication that requires a password, something only you can access (such as your phone or hardware key), and biometrics like fingerprints.

Mobile device management

By allowing your employees to use their mobile devices to work remotely, you permit them to access your company information. As a result, if these devices were stolen or got lost, you could risk having data exposed. Luckily, Microsoft 365 ensures that you control what the employees access and can easily erase data from devices should they be misplaced.

Encrypted email and data loss prevention

Companies that profit from personal information need to be extra responsible and protect such data. Equifax learned this lesson the hard way. You can avoid severe penalties by encrypting emails and customizing data loss prevention policies per the needs of your organization.

Reduced Expenses

Migrating to Microsoft 365 will offer you the benefit of saving costs in terms of:


Microsoft 365 services are subscription-based, meaning you only pay for the software you need. Your staff has different job descriptions that require varied software. Therefore, you can subscribe to different tiers for each employee group. Thanks to the mix and match plans extended by Microsoft 365, your budget only caters to the software you are sure will be used. Also, by subscribing, you do away with the significant capital outlays associated with buying new software, which may not be affordable to small businesses. Best of all, upgrades are available to you as part of the monthly subscription, so you do not need to separately pay to upgrade software.


With your data being stored in the clouds, you do not need to install more servers for operational efficiency. Additionally, your employees can still deliver results when working on their mobile devices, so no need to buy more desktops. As a result, not only do you save on expensive hardware purchases and installation, but also office space. Besides, by not having too many servers on your premises, you do not need to dig deeper into company funds to pay for air conditioning. Moreover, Microsoft 365 eliminates the need to hire staff services, keeping your payroll budget lean and manageable.

Microsoft 365 services are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and you will need the help of a company that can assess your needs to recommend the best plan for your business. Servcom USA is committed to assisting you in achieving your productivity goals, and we offer fixed-price migrations from on-site to hosted services. If your operation areas are within Rock Hill, Columbia, and the I77 corridor, contact us today and get connected to a technician immediately.