Servcom USA: Offering the Best Cybersecurity Services in South Carolina

Cybercrime costs businesses of all sizes at least $200,000 per year, which causes most small-scale enterprises to shut down.  According to internet security statistics, the rate at which cybercrimes are committed is 2,244 times a day, This translates to a hacker attacking a business or individual every 32 seconds. Consequently, cybercrime poses a significant risk to the world economy, which is losing at least $1 trillion every year to these attacks. If you’re a business looking for the best cybersecurity services in South Carolina, it’s critical to know what you’re getting into, first. Therefore, it’s critical you implement strict security measures in your business. Fortunately, at Servcom USA, we have a team dedicated to providing top-notch IT support solutions to protect information from being accessed by unauthorized parties. Our goal is to offer customized cybersecurity services. Therefore, we carry out a vulnerability assessment to check your system’s weak points.

How Do We Protect Your System from Cyberattacks?

Diligent patch management Patching, as the name suggests, involves repairing a flaw or vulnerability after the software has been released. Patches enhance the security features of your system by fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities. A diligent patch management system offers instant updates on the latest deployment status. Therefore, an automated patch management system is critical in any organization. This way, you are guaranteed to be updated with the latest patches. Content filtering Content filtering protects your system from cyber-attacks by reducing the possibility of malicious content bypassing a security domain boundary. Various content-filtering techniques can be implemented depending on the needs of the organization. These techniques include anti-virus scans to scan data for malicious codes and keyword searches to detect unwanted material. Cloud-based filtering is a preferred option because it does not need much computing power from your local machines. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive content filtering. DNS Inspection/threat mitigation The Domain Name System (DNS) makes the internet usable because it allows the use of domain names. Without it, the networking infrastructure is disabled. Businesses usually trust DNS, and its traffic is allowed to pass freely through the firewalls. Unfortunately, hackers are aware of this and target it, infecting your network with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. By inspecting the DNS, we can conduct effective threat mitigation because we quickly detect malware. Usually, malware changes IP addresses frequently because attackers are trying to hide themselves using different IP addresses. This is a method called “Fast Flux.” Email security Email security includes techniques used to protect email accounts, communication, and content from unauthorized access, being compromised, or lost. Attackers use deceptive language that entices users to open emails that launch attacks on the system. That way, hackers can steal valuable company data. Most email security threats come in the form of phishing, spoofing, ransomware, malicious files, among many more. Servcom USA advises you on the best way to secure your email, such as deploying a secure email gateway and automated email encryption, especially if your organization has to follow specific compliance standards. Best practices for group policies and password management Passwords are required to access nearly every system or document within your organization, but that does not mean that they are safe. An employee who uses the same passwords for all files puts your company information at risk. Although other logging methods have been devised, such as two-factor authentication, passwords will forever remain one of the ideal ways to secure your data. However, unless a strict password management policy is implemented, your cybersecurity will be compromised. The biggest threats to password safety include guessing, hacking, and cracking. Therefore, we advise training, using passphrases, password hashing, and multi-factor authentication.

What Defenses Do We Install in Your System?

Managed anti-virus and anti-spyware protection Anti-virus programs protect against known threats through software that detect known viruses that will adversely affect your system. However, the effectiveness of an anti-spyware protection program is dependent heavily on how often you update yours. Managed anti-virus and anti-spyware protection solutions allow you to deploy anti-virus agents, scan the system, and update when necessary. It also restricts users from disabling the installed security measures and enforces the security policies. When choosing a practical solution, we consider how well it will support the growing needs of your organization. Additionally, we consider its ability to support multiple platforms, its impact on resource consumption, and how well it can identify and quarantine both known and unknown threats. With these questions answered, Servcom USA cybersecurity in South Carolina can get a tailor-made IT solution. Managed firewall services Managed firewall service offers firewall configuration, report generation, support, monitoring, on-site installation, and firewall system use. It comes in two types: Managed Enterprise Firewall for businesses whose bandwidth is T1 or greater and Managed Business Firewall if your business has a maximum bandwidth of T1. Due to the various aspects of managed firewall services, your business benefits from increased network reliability and uptime, disaster recovery, and reduced security breaches. Robust anti-spam protection Anti-spam software recognizes, blocks, and separates spam email, allowing only genuine emails to infiltrate your system. Therefore, with our robust anti-spam protection software, you can rest assured that your business is safe from cybersecurity vulnerabilities. High-tech hackers prefer to launch attacks on small businesses, and only 14% of these are prepared to defend themselves. Cyberattacks can push you out of business, but Servcom USA is ready to ensure that you cater to your clients for the longest time possible. If you are in Rock Hill, are on the I77 corridor, or in Columbia, you are in luck because that is our operation area. We specialize in manufacturing, engineering, construction firms, and non-profit organizations, but that does not mean we are limited to them. If you are looking for a reliable company offering IT solutions ranging from cybersecurity services and cloud services to managed IT services and Microsoft Office 365, look no further than Servcom USA. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation for cybersecurity in South Carolina. We will assess your current IT solutions and customize solutions to suit your specific needs.