Computer Services Across South Carolina

Today’s technology landscape is growing increasingly complex, yet the opportunities to drive greater business productivity and growth utilizing technology are substantial. However, this environment has created numerous challenges for businesses of all sizes. If a server goes down, a network fails, or a website won’t load, business operations can quickly grind to a halt.

At Servcom USA, we understand how difficult it is to strike the right balance between continuously improving your business and keeping the company up-to-date with the latest technology. To drive growth, you need a qualified partner on your side to provide ongoing support and ensure your IT infrastructure is aligned with your business goals. We will ensure that your business is gaining maximum performance from your technology.

Computer Services In South Carolina

Our Computer Services in South Carolina

Servcom provides a wide range of computer services designed to help businesses in South Carolina increase productivity and workflow, reduce IT costs and increase IT security. From our HQ in Rock Hill, we can easily service companies large and small in Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Anderson, and across the state.

Fully Managed IT Services

Servcom USA offers fully managed IT services to provide daily support, maintenance, and monitoring of your technology, enabling your team to focus on the strategic aspects of your business. With our fully managed IT services, you can take advantage of flexible, customizable IT solutions tailored to your company and its ongoing changes. We can manage your technology securely and strategically, so you are getting the most out of your assets. Whether you need to scale your business up or down, our services are flexible and can match your needs.

With our comprehensive managed IT services, you get strategic support from a designated account manager and technology consultant, efficient and professional remote and onsite support, and a reliable and highly responsive help desk, all at a predictable monthly price. Delegating your IT management to Servcom USA enables you to concentrate on core competencies and seize growth opportunities.

Our fully managed services include:

  • Network monitoring and maintenance
  • Strategic consultation and planning
  • Network security
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Reliable onsite and remote support

Cybersecurity Solutions

Businesses are facing an increased threat from cyberattacks, ranging from phishing, malware to ransomware attacks. These attacks are not only damaging to business continuity, but they can also affect a company’s bottom line and brand image. What’s more, cyberattacks can go undetected for weeks or even months, compounding the damage to the organization. At Servcom USA, we provide robust cybersecurity solutions to help protect your business from these threats.

As with any problem, the key to combating cybersecurity threats is prevention, and the first step is evaluating your IT environment for security vulnerabilities. Our cybersecurity team will perform a vulnerability assessment of your IT infrastructure and systems to identify its weaknesses. We then implement threat mitigation, diligent patch management, email security, including encryption, content filtering, and best practices for password management and group policies to combat security threats effectively.

We continually monitor your environment to identify threats that make it through these defenses for rapid, effective response. We also implement a business continuity plan and backup your essential data onsite and offsite to ensure you that you can always continue operations in the event of an unexpected interruption.

Business Continuity Services

There are many reasons why businesses fail, but a significant factor is a lack of continuity planning. Without a business continuity plan, it can take anything from hours to weeks to restore lost data in full, and that’s why you need a reliable solution you can trust. At Servcom USA, we can help you develop, deploy, and manage the best business continuity solutions that protect your most crucial IT operations and data to keep your systems up and running through whatever crisis you might face. You can count on us for a business continuity solution that’s customized to meet your company’s unique needs and available at your fingertips with our remote support services.

Our business continuity services will help you minimize your company’s level of risk and increase your resiliency. Servcom USA can help you:

  • Deliver on expectations when recovering mission-critical systems
  • Comply with legal or statutory compliance obligations
  • Achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Cultivate a resilient culture across your organizations
  • Preserve your brand and reputation should a disaster strike

Networking Services

Your network is the backbone of your business – it helps run the applications that fuel your day-to-day operations, enhances communication and sharing tools, and improves business flexibility and agility. At Servcom USA, we provide end-to-end network services that are fully managed and secure. We utilize established, industry-leading tools to design and create networking and IT infrastructure that will help maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, and manage complex consolidations.

Our networking engineers can tailor-make your computer network or augment your existing one to cater to your company’s unique needs – no waste, no redundancy, and no annoying network errors. We don’t just make sure that your network is physically set up – we ensure that it’s optimally configured for performance and security. We’ll provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to detect issues before they escalate and ensure that your network performs optimally. With Servcom USA, you can have peace of mind knowing your network is in capable and reliable hands.

IT Project Services

Proper project planning can mean the difference between success and costly delays. But for many South Carolina businesses, managing IT projects from end-to-end can be a challenge, especially when you’re short on resources or don’t have access to the required skills. With our IT project services, you gain access to a team of highly skilled experts, years of experience, and best-practice methodologies.

We can help plan, design, deploy and deliver specific outcomes for an entire project, or we can fill in where you need us. We deliver projects on time and on budget, evaluate program and project management office controls to align projects with the overall corporate goal, and perform project risk assessment, including analysis of project and system failures, to optimize IT investments.

Implementation Services

Implementing new technology can be a challenge when it comes to the time, resources and skills required. There are so many variables and blind spots that can cause IT projects to fall off the rails. At Servcom USA, we have the skills and expertise to help you seamlessly implement your technology solutions while ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your investments. Our highly-skilled, senior-level consultants follow a proven, tested, result-oriented approach.

We’ll manage your project at every step and work with your team to deliver a detailed project plan with timelines, resources, and documentation, ensure smooth integration between new and existing solutions, and facilitate a smooth post-go-live transition.

Need Computer Services in South Carolina? Servcom USA Can Help!

As a leading South Carolina managed services provider, we are committed to helping your business maintain growth with scalable computer services that cater to your unique business goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help your South Carolina business leverage technology for success.

Servcom USA

Servcom USA is an IT Support and Computer Services company with offices in Rock Hill and Columbia, South Carolina. We provide services across the Carolinas, from Columbia to Charlotte, and from Spartanburg to Lancaster County. We provide the comprehensive technical support that Piedmont and Midlands businesses need in order to run highly-effective organizations.

Servcom USA

Servcom USA

Servcom USA is an IT Support and Computer Services company with offices in Rock Hill and Columbia, South Carolina. We provide services across the Carolinas, from Columbia to Charlotte, and from Spartanburg to Lancaster County. We provide the comprehensive technical support that Piedmont and Midlands businesses need in order to run highly-effective organizations.