A True Story Of A Local Chemical Manufacturer Who Was And Rockhill’s Top Managed IT Services Company Dealt With The Problem Quickly

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Sunbelt Colors is a chemical manufacturing and solvent dye business established in 1987 and located in Rock Hill, SC. Research and development is part of their culture, and they are always looking for new and better ways to develop dyes. Their patented line of dyes in soybean oil meet the needs for environmentally friendly colors.

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Sunbelt Colors relies on their IT to run their business and conduct their research. When they were getting viruses in their network from spam emails, they knew they needed help. However, their previous IT services company couldn’t solve the problem.

A ransomware virus locked up Sunbelt’s IT system for days, costing them money in downtime. The IT company couldn’t remove the virus and had to rebuild their IT system. This cost Sunbelt Colors even more money. They knew they needed a new IT provider.


Sunbelt Colors contacted Servcom USA because they wanted a local IT provider who could be here for them onsite when required. We immediately got to work and provided a new email server with Microsoft Office 365. We also implemented Remote Management & Monitoring and Antivirus Services to monitor their system 24/7. Everything is now proactively protected, so spam emails are no longer an issue.

Sunbelt had another problem. They had been running a legacy accounting system for their production facilities for a long time. The vendor was discontinuing support, forcing Sunbelt to migrate to a new system (Sage 100c).

This new platform required all new hardware and Sunbelt had to balance the choice between keeping the application on-premise or hosting it in the Cloud.

We provided research and cost models to help Sunbelt evaluate the most cost-effective deployment scenario. For them, the solution was to buy a server and keep the data in-house.

We delivered a fully-configured server (Dell PowerEdge) ready for their accounting team to install the new Sage 100c financial software. Migration to the new platform is currently in process. Total delivery time was less than 30 days from order date.


The staff at Sunbelt Colors is very happy with the services we provided and continue to provide.

Larry from Sunbelt Colors explains:

“Our previous IT company didn’t offer the services we needed. They were not on top of things or proactive. We were getting a lot of viruses in our system as a result.

Ransomware got into our system, and the IT company spent three days trying to remove it, costing us a lot of money with a lot of downtime. They had to rebuild everything from scratch.

That was when we decided we needed a new IT services company and we chose Servcom USA. Since then we’ve had very little in the way of viruses or issues of that nature.

Servcom is very proactive. They used the correct software solutions to prevent IT intrusions and viruses. We had our own email server, and they moved us to Microsoft Office 365, so now our email resides on the Microsoft Cloud. We no longer get spam emails, and our data is secure.

We’re in the process of putting in a new financial inventory software, and Servcom USA has been integral helping us with this. This is a big project, and the team has been here to assist and will continue to until it’s completed in a few months.

I would highly recommend other businesses in our area contact Servcom USA. They’ve gone above and beyond our expectations!”

Have You Looked Into Microsoft Office 365 To Defend Against Ransomware & Other Viruses? If Not–You Should.

Over the past few years, productivity suites like Microsoft Office 365 have become popular with organizations of all types and sizes in South Carolina. As the leading name in cloud business productivity software, Microsoft Office 365 offers a range of services and features designed to help businesses increase productivity, flexibility and security.

What you may not know is that Microsoft Office 365 also offers unbeatable data backup capabilities that can protect you from ransomware and other viruses.

How Does Office 365 Do This?

As a cloud-based platform, all of your data in Office 365 is automatically backed up to a secure off-site location. This means that if one of your staff members unknowingly infects your network with ransomware, all of your data is safely encrypted in the Cloud.

The only reliable protection against ransomware is a valid and recoverable data backup.

By regularly backing up your vital data to a secure, off-site cloud via Microsoft Office 365, you can ensure that you have an accessible and recoverable copy of your data in case ransomware locks it down (or if you lose it due to other reasons).

Servcom USA can help you migrate over to Microsoft Office 365. While Office 365 is easy to use, migrating your data over to it isn’t. With all of the features it offers, it’s definitely worth considering.

Contact your Rockhill Managed IT Services team at Servcom today, and we’ll tell you more.

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