Streamline Operations and Save Money with Cloud-Hosted VoIP Services

Take a second to think: does your organization have a reliable and streamlined telephone system that allows for optimal connection, collaboration communication? Are you taking full advantage of business technology to ensure your internal and external communication channels are top-of-the-line?

More and more strategic businesses are turning to Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions in pursuit of centralizing and optimizing their approach to communications. Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions allow business professionals like you to harness the very best that technology has to offer in the name of optimal and efficient communication.


Back to Basics: Understanding VoIP & It’s Benefits

VoIP solutions offer a variety of business benefits, designed specifically to help professionals optimize connection with clients and colleagues. As the virtual revolution continues to drive innovation, Cloud-hosted VoIP technology is the frontrunner in changing the way business teams connect with clients and team members.


Here’s the top business benefits offered by Servcom’s Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions:

  • Centralization & Full-Service Management

Possibly the greatest benefit of our Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions is that all your communications resources are centralized and streamlined for optimal collaboration with your team and your clientele.

Even better, our Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions are fully managed, meaning our clients are able to take advantage of a customized and streamlined communications platform without having to worry about management and maintenance. We take care of everything, and your team always has the ability to communicate effectively.

  • Flexibility & Scalability

A huge priority for modern businesses is the ability to remain flexible in response to changing and growing business conditions and demands. Luckily, our Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions offer professionals a variety of ways to implement scalable solutions. This makes it easy to efficiently change settings and add or remove features as needed.

Additionally, our Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions offer integration for conventional phone systems via a VoIP adapter and a powered-on computer. Further, our Cloud-hosted VoIP systems allow users to acquire individualized VoIP contact numbers, meaning no matter where a user is traveling, a high-speed internet connection is the only requirement for making and receiving calls, using a familiar number.

  • Functionality

Our Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions have all the same features of traditional phone systems including call-waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and voicemail. This makes it easy for users to navigate a new communications system and make use of familiar and useful calling features.

Even better? Our Cloud-hosted VoIP platforms also offer users a variety of other communication tools that make instant connection easier than ever. From video-conferencing tools to instant messaging platforms, Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions allow users to connect and collaborate like never before.

  • Portability

One of the biggest benefits of VoIP for business is the fact that it’s available all around the world. Using any broadband connection, users can log into VoIP platforms and get a dial tone. Even better? Our Cloud-hosted VoIP systems are also accessible via email and while traveling without additional cost or connection requirements. This makes mobility easier than ever for busy, on-the-go professionals.

  • Savings

One of the biggest benefits of Cloud-hosted VoIP for business is that it’s much cheaper than relying on traditional phone systems. Additionally, since VoIP phone systems are connected via the internet, making long-distance calls is no more expensive than making local ones. This translates to huge savings on communications expenses. Even better, when your VoIP solutions are fully-managed, your organization will avoid big-time capital and operational expenses.


Is your organization ready to revolutionize your communications platform with Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions?

Our Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions offer professionals increased efficiency, mobility, versatility and BIG savings. For small business owners, this is a huge competitive advantage. Strong and reliable lines of communication at an affordable price means business is never out of reach.

For bigger enterprises, Cloud-hosted VoIP can make managing communication between multiple locations a breeze. And of course, for businesses of any size, streamlining the way team members communicate with clients and colleagues ensures that business opportunities are never missed.

Whether you’re ready to make the switch or are still using more traditional platforms, there’s no denying that companies across every industry are looking for ways to optimize communications technology and get increased value out of communication resources.


If your company is considering the switch to VoIP from a traditional telecommunications system, we’d be happy to work with you and consult you on your best options for making the move to Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions.

Servcom USA has extensive experience providing dynamic VoIP phone systems for business teams of all kinds. If you need a hand making the switch to VoIP, reach out to our team of experts anytime. We can’t wait to get started optimizing your communications platform.


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