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Running a nonprofit in South Carolina is rewarding, but it does come with its own set of challenges. Addressing every challenge by taking proactive measures and using technology effectively can provide better support for nonprofits. Digital advances have greatly transformed the nonprofit landscape, but with the advances comes an increased need for nonprofits to be better prepared for IT-related challenges. Many nonprofit leaders are operating in an environment where they are trying to achieve mission-critical objectives with a limited budget, few resources, and IT-related challenges.

The top challenges facing organizations looking for IT services for nonprofit organizations include:

  • Budgets: Many nonprofits struggle with IT budgeting in a landscape where the goal is to not spend a significant amount of money on daily operating activities; it can be easy for nonprofits to overlook IT services for nonprofit organizations in the budgeting process.
  • Network and Data Security: Nonprofit organizations have a database of donors, volunteers, and sponsors, etc. that needs to be well-protected because a data breach or cyberattack can have a devastating impact on the organization.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Not only does your database that is filled with critical information need to be protected, but your database needs to be supported by a solid plan in the event there is a breach or cyberattack. You do not want to wait until a disaster to ask the question: What happens next?

IT services for nonprofit organizations are designed to effectively manage IT environments to deliver the experience and security your board members, sponsors, donors, volunteers, target audience, etc. expect. When you do not have to spend as much time or resources on technology and IT-related tasks, your nonprofit organization can spend more time connecting with donors, sponsors, and volunteers who can all impact your short-term and long-term missions.

IT Services Nonprofits South Carolina

IT Services For Nonprofit Organizations Can Support Your Mission

Nonprofit organizations have a focus and mission that are not the same as those from a commercial enterprise. Driven by your unique mission, your nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping meet the needs of the people you serve. While your nonprofit organization may not have the same priorities as a commercial enterprise, you both rely on technology and IT-related solutions to help you accomplish your goals and reach your target audience.

The work of your nonprofit organization leans on providing assistance within a community. To meet the goal of helping individuals and groups within a community, your organization needs IT services for nonprofit organizations that will enable you to maximize your resources, even when they are limited.

IT services for nonprofit organizations will streamline the IT infrastructure of your nonprofit organization to maximize your existing IT assets. IT services for nonprofit organizations are designed to provide a comprehensive IT foundation that will support your mission and goals.

Will Outsourcing IT Services for Nonprofit Organizations Empower Your Nonprofit?

IT services for nonprofit organizations are designed to improve operations and increase efficiency so you can empower your nonprofit. Will outsourcing IT services be a good fit for your nonprofit organization?

  • Is the amount of data you are responsible for increasing so fast that your existing IT infrastructure is struggling to keep up?
  • Are your existing systems outdated and becoming too costly to maintain?
  • Are you unable to manage security and risks because of the increasing amount of data stored on your outdated systems?
  • Are more financial moves being made?
  • Is your current IT infrastructure becoming more difficult to manage and monitor because it is becoming more complex?
  • Are you spending too much time, energy, and money on IT-related problems?

If you answered yes to more than one of the above questions, outsourcing IT services for nonprofit organizations will empower your nonprofit to return to what you do best – focusing on your mission to help as many people as you can.

How Can IT Services for Nonprofit Organizations Meet Your Unique Requirements?

With running a nonprofit organization, you are constantly on the lookout for the right services that can optimize your growth and efficiency. IT services for nonprofit organizations can help your organization do the following:

  • Create a solid and effective technology procurement process
  • Create unique IT strategies and policies
  • Design a strategy that is needed to support in-office staff, remote staff, administrators, and more
  • Determine where the inefficiencies lie and remove them

Servcom USA offers comprehensive IT services for nonprofit organizations to provide nonprofit leaders with a robust, secure, and mobile IT infrastructure that supports every mission and goal. Among the services we offer non-profit organizations are:

Advanced Networking and Troubleshooting

Your nonprofit organization no longer has to spend a significant amount of money to staff an in-house IT team that may only be able to resolve certain technology problems. Outsourcing IT services for nonprofit organizations will mean your nonprofit team members can get back to work faster and finally focus on what matters most instead of having to worry about troubleshooting hardware, software, and networking issues.

Network Configurations

As networking continues to evolve, network configurations are becoming more complex and challenging to manage using traditional methods. Network configuration solutions allow nonprofit organizations to continuously monitor networks, track changes to configuration, and return to previous states when there are misconfigurations.

Core Infrastructure Support

Core Infrastructure Support services provided by an IT firm will offer flexible and reliable services & solutions that will deliver significant value to the mission and requirements of nonprofit organizations. Infrastructure support services can deliver effective remote monitoring & management of the  IT landscape including networks, databases, storage, servers, and software, applications, devices.

Advanced Network Security

Downtime can be devastating for a nonprofit organization, and internal IT staff must make sure every aspect of a network is running smoothly, and that they are protected from internal and external threats because of the sensitive and confidential nature of the information passing over networks.

Deciding who to trust with the scope of your nonprofit organization’s IT infrastructure can be daunting. Your nonprofit organization will only go as far as technology takes it. This makes it even more important to choose the right IT firm for your nonprofit’s needs, with the skills and experience to take your nonprofit organization to greater heights.

Are you ready to create an IT strategy that works for your nonprofit organization? Contact us at any time to ask questions or schedule a consultation.

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