We’re proud to be a Sophos Gold partner—do you know what it means for you?

Servcom USA has recently been named a Sophos Gold Partner—a status that shows our commitment to best-in-breed security solutions for our clients.

Sophos has designed the world’s best cyber security system. Their firewalls, endpoint security, wireless security, network security, cloud security are all best-in-class in their own right. However, the fact that these solutions are all designed to work together makes them exponentially stronger, which we are uniquely positioned to achieve for our clients.

Sophos best-in-class solutions, combined with Servcom’s certified Sophos experts, represents a clear choice for organizations who take their cyber security seriously.

What Does Our Sophos Gold Status Mean For You?

By partnering with a vendor like Sophos, we’re able to bring best-in-class security solutions to our small and mid-sized business clients that are fully integrated and designed to simplify cybersecurity management.

More importantly, it’s validation that our team has completed in-depth training, which enables us to offer the very best support and security posture for our clients. It also helps us recommend the most appropriate Sophos solutions that meet their unique needs.

Being named a Sophos Gold Partner means that the Servcom USA team has access to even more amazing benefits that we’re able to pass on to our clients. As our partnership with Sophos grows, so does our ability to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity protection.

The Sophos solutions roster covers your business IT network from end-to-end, securing your systems and data against today’s biggest cyber threats and helping to minimize the risks that come with relying on technology to keep your operations running smoothly.

Superior solutions and dedicated support make all the difference, and thanks to our friends at Sophos, Servcom USA is well-positioned to offer the best cybersecurity services on the market.

Why Is This Sophos Partnership So Important To Us?

The number of cyber threats that have the potential to cause serious problems, for businesses large and small, are the highest it’s ever been. Our responsibility to our clients has never been more pressing and our Sophos Gold Partner status is an indication that we take this responsibility very seriously.

We take our role as your IT partner to heart and strive to offer the best possible solutions to meet your business’ every technology need. That means being able to give you cutting-edge security solutions that will keep hackers and scammers at bay, and protect your valuable business data, as well as your operations as a whole, safe and secure.

This partnership with Sophos affords us makes all the difference where your business’ security is concerned. We’re able to not only stay a step ahead of cybercrime, but a step ahead of other IT support providers in our area.

While we work hard on our own to keep current with the newest malware strains and phishing tactics, our friends at Sophos are working just as hard to find more efficient and effective ways to thwart these threats. Together, we’re able to offer our clients the very best in cybersecurity protection.

With a full range of industry-leading cybersecurity solutions at our disposal and direct access to the professionals who craft and improve these measures, we’re able to do more than just implement and monitor great solutions; we’re able to put in place the perfect solution to meet your needs, and give you peace of mind knowing you’ve got the very best in cybersecurity working for you.

Servcom USA Will Manage Your Sophos Technologies For You

While you may understand that you need next-generation protection from Sophos, it’s a lot of work to handle it on your own—but you don’t have to.

Instead, you can choose to work with a trusted, expert IT services company like Servcom USA.

We have extensive experience working with Sophos cybersecurity technologies and organizations like yours—we can help you make the right choice, and handle the implementation for you from beginning to end.

Set a meeting with our team to get started.