We welcome you who are looking for better, more resilient data backup solutions! Offsite backup solutions, a.k.a. online backup solutions are a very efficient, viable, alternative means for business owners to keep data safe, secure, and accessible. Our offsite backup services in Charlotte are helping our neighbors in the business community thrive and grow, as opposed to staying mired in fear and worry over IT adversities that can lead to catastrophic data loss.

Understanding Offsite Backup’s Many Benefits

An offsite backup is a data backup process or facility that stores backed-up data or applications external to an organization or core IT environment. It is similar to a standard backup process but uses a service or storage media that is not physically located within the organization’s core infrastructure.

Offsite backup is also known as offsite data backup or offsite data protection, but the latter’s focus is on the process of securing an offsite data backup facility.

Offsite backups are primarily used in strategic data backup and disaster-recovery plans. The core objective of storing and maintaining data at a backup facility is to:

  • Keep data secure from malicious attacks, and
  • Save a backup copy of data in case the primary site is damaged or destroyed.

Cloud backup, online backup or managed backup are examples of offsite backup solutions that enable an individual or organization to store data at facilities that are geographically and logically external.

A Key Player in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Offsite data backup works by first encrypting the data, then compressing and transmitting it to an offsite security center. This data can then be accessed in the event of an emergency by using either the Internet or another data restore line.

Also, many offsite backup service providers (like Servcom USA) will offer additional features, including account management, over-the-phone support, central management for multiple data locations, as well as both database and email backup.

This makes offsite data backup a key player in cogent and resilient disaster recovery and business continuity planning – which also comes with the Servcom USA territory!

Learn How Our Charlotte Offsite Backup Services Can Enhance Your Productivity

Are you searching for offsite backup service providers in Charlotte who truly have your back in protecting and restoring your vital data? Servcom USA provides the best offsite backup solutions for businesses in Charlotte, guaranteed and attested-to by our growing list of happy clients. Call us at (803) 619-1414 or email us at marketing@servcomusa.com to get started optimizing your company data backup plan right away.