Microsoft Forms Gets the Information You Need

Your business is powered by information – information about your customers, your staff, your technology, your vendors, your partners, and every possible area we can talk about here. You rely on this information for daily operations, and you need to make sure you have the most accurate information.

Getting the information you need isn’t always easy. In transactions, data is entered by customers but this is generally limited and doesn’t offer greater insight. In other data collection efforts, like polls and surveys, data entered gives you a clearer picture into the minds of the respondents.

Simplifying the Data Collection Process with Microsoft Forms

The easiest way to get the information you need for any purpose is to ask questions, and platforms like Survey Monkey or form-building tools like Microsoft Forms and Google Forms offer flexibility and a multipurpose function with the ability to ask questions in a digital format to collect responses.

As part of Microsoft 365, the super user-friendly productivity app suite, users of Microsoft Forms enjoy benefits you expect from Microsoft products, including its user-friendly dashboard.

How Can Microsoft Forms Help You?

Quickly emerging as a favorite form-building application, Microsoft Forms is a user favorite packed with features, including:

  • Create Forms in a snap
  • Collect responses in real-time
  • Export data in just clicks
  • Present data using automatic charts

Collecting information is key, but the ability to quickly and easily present the data collected in a way that makes it more meaningful is crucial. The hidden value in a form-builder is its ability to help you analyze the data collected in support of your goals and strategic objectives.

How Can You Get Started with Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms does require users to login to a Microsoft account, so if you don’t already have one you’ll need to create free account. For your first Form, follow the widget as it guides you through the step-by-step process from the Microsoft Forms homepage. Your Microsoft Forms dashboard is accessible from anywhere without the need to download or install software.

From your My Forms dashboard, a few clicks will have you creating your first Form in just minutes:

1 – Create your Form 

Click the (+) plus sign to create your first Form, and you’ll be prompted by the user widget to choose a name for your Form and add a description to give respondents more information about the Form.

2 – Choose your Form questions 

Click on “+ Add New” and add questions to your Form, with plenty of options for question styles, including:

  • Multiple choice
  • Text
  • Rating
  • Dates
  • Many more options

3 – Preview and test your Form

The final step is to Preview your Form, reviewing what you’ve entered and see how your Form will look for mobile users at this point. You can also log test responses in Preview to view how responses will report.

You can also edit your Form in Preview by clicking “Back” and changing questions, etc., as necessary.

When you are ready, you can finish your Form by clicking “Send” and see the menu of options for sharing your Form.

Microsoft Forms help you get the information you need, fast and accurate – try it today!

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