Does Your IT Company Understand Your Construction or Engineering Firm?

If your IT company doesn’t “get” how your business works, you are at risk.

Their advice and services could slow you down…

Or cost you money — and profit margins are already way too narrow.

What construction or engineering company needs the anchor of bad IT?

You’re in a very competitive space.

You need the IT edge that the Servcom USA team provides.

Aren’t you tired of downtime caused by poor IT implementation and management?

Get Servcom USA on your side!

We will give you the right IT foundation to support your firm’s success.

You need things done right – the first time, every time.

Let us uncomplicate your IT, so your construction or engineering company can win and complete your projects without IT downtime.

The Servcom USA team will deliver what your business needs.

We will optimize your IT to maximize your workflow.

We will keep you safe, by securing your network, wireless, and mobile devices.

We will support your firm’s industry specific apps.

And on top of all of that…

We are determined to act in a way that is communicative and collaborative!

Let’s get started. Call us at (803) 619-1414 or send an email to to find out more.

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