Did you know 75% of small and medium-sized businesses outsource their IT in some way? (Sherweb)

Even with an in-house IT department, many companies still rely on smaller, specialized firms to support some of their security and storage needs. If you are looking for a company who will collaborate with you to pinpoint your needs, then Servcom USA is the right company for you. We provide IT managed services, cloud storage and cyber security for businesses in Rock Hill, SC.

Custom-fit IT Solutions for Your Rock Hill, SC Company

You do the directing, we’ll do the heavy lifting.

You know how your business works and what you need. We listen to you when it comes to proposing and implementing IT solutions. Technical support and managed services are not a one-size-fits-all package, but that doesn’t mean you should face unknown charges or specialized project fees for what you need! Our clear service plan will fit businesses and organizations of any size. The Servcom USA Gold Standard Managed Service Plan is reliable, versatile and efficient for your company. You won’t face unpredictable billing, unresponsive support or mismanaged strategies. Every client deserves to be treated with gold standard service, so we’ve moved into a one-tier strategy.

Strategic Business Continuity Consultation and Planning

You can’t afford to lose your data. According to the Boston Computing Network, 60% of SMBs go out of business within six months of a data disaster. And 90% of those businesses are out of business within two years. It’s a real threat, but most companies don’t even test their recovery plan on a yearly basis. Your backups need to be offsite and secure in case of disaster, like fire, flood, vandalism and more.

With Servcom USA’s network security services, we get your site back to normal in the case of a security breach or any other form of disaster. You can access your files and folders with a workstation that gives you control. We can back up your site as frequently as 15 minutes and all covered machines can be accessed within a cloud environment in the case of a disaster. We also protect your email servers with a continuity platform that offers security separate from your server.

Network Security

But don’t wait until you have a problem to rely on backups—your continuity plan is best when it doesn’t ever have to come into play! Our cybersecurity solutions are here to protect you against cybercrime. We do a vulnerability check to pinpoint your virtual weaknesses and fill the gaps in your security. We will implement encryption, filters, patch management and more to protect you from future threats. Cybersecurity is as important as locking your doors at night. There are people out there who want your data and are looking for a way into your network.

Proactive Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

When you’ve had a full diagnostic performed on your site and network, you will know where security should be implemented. Once your site is secure, we work on preventative actions to avoid breaches in the future. Human error was the leading cause for data breaches in the “Data Health Check Report” from Databarracks. It’s important to choose an IT company in Rock Hill that can offer support in-person at times. We will help train your employees on best practices for security and password creation. We focus on proactive troubleshooting and problem solving to keep your network, data and machines safe from the start. As top IT professionals offering you Gold Standard Service, we will have current solutions for virus and spyware threats that adapt with the malicious intent trends.

Cloud Services

The cloud offers mobility, scalability and security that was once available only to enterprise-level companies. With cloud migration, you will be able to share data faster and remotely collaborate on projects easier. You can grow without a long-term commitment of expensive, in-house infrastructure purchases. Our solutions offer consulting and management on top business technology solutions, including:

  • Office 365
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Skype for Business
  • Azure

The cloud will provide 99.9% uptime with the support of our IT team. You can securely store your servers and backup data for disaster recovery.

Network Monitoring and Maintenance

We don’t believe in mismanaged or unsustainable “set it and forget it” strategies. The solutions you need now will change. We monitor and maintain your network needs as a part of our Gold Standard plan. You can rest assured that we are checking in regularly with your best interests at heart.

Your Rock Hill IT Services Company

We believe we are the best when it comes to managed it service companies in Rock Hill, SC. We work hard to come up with solutions that are best for our clients and then implement them as needed. The Servcom USA Gold Standard is the valuable managed IT and security services that we give to every client. We know you need to trust your IT company to have your back. Talk to us about support solutions today by calling (803) 619-1414 or sending an email to marketing@servcomusa.com.

We look forward to seeing how we can help.

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Servcom USA

Servcom USA

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