Fuel Business Growth Immediately: Simple Strategy

Most of us know that it’s imperative to keep up with technology to gain success and stay competitive in just about any business. Technology affects all aspects of the business world, from marketing and advertising to production and delivery.

Technology innovation and advancements continue to multiply with every passing year under normal circumstances. But then the COVID-19 pandemic came along, and the year 2020 gave us reason to turn the technology dial way up.

With social distancing requirements in place and mandatory lockdowns often the law of the land, companies of all sizes and educational institutions found themselves forced to develop work-from-home models. These models presented the need to beef up technology portfolios regarding increased digitization, bandwidth, and reliable connectivity.

As people remained confined to their homes for weeks or months at a time, their living quarters became their offices, doctor’s offices, schools, and all things’ entertainment. The increased demands on services conducted inside the individual household meant the need for improved internet technology and storage capabilities for the home involved and the providers on the other end, such as the schools and the healthcare facilities.

It also gave way to an incredible boom in those providing delivery services as more and more people now see everything from medicine to groceries show up at their front door. The individuals providing these services also rely on accurate and fast technology to keep their customers satisfied.

Understanding Cloud Technology

Cloud technology solves connectivity, reliability, and security issues for businesses of all sizes. The Cloud enables its users to access the Cloud’s power from any device from anywhere in the world through a web browser.

Cloud technology is an on-demand service that businesses and individuals typically pay for monthly. Not only does it drastically reduce downtime and provide reliable backup, but it also delivers data at fantastic speeds. Many companies find it worth their while to invest billions of dollars in the Cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Technology include the following:

  • Secure backup and disaster delivery
  • 99.9% online connectivity time
  • Cloud-based virtual servers and storage
  • Cloud-based backup storage

We’re Here to Help Your Business Grow at Servcom USA

Servcom USA opened its doors in South Carolina in 1999. Since then, we’ve continued to follow our mission to provide a seamless IT environment with excellent business-oriented products and services for businesses of all sizes.

We believe in listening to the client and delivering what you need in the most personalized yet professional manner.

In this global economy, succeeding means competing. To stay competitive, many companies significantly increased their investments in Cloud data warehouses in 2021. A recent survey indicates that over 65% of companies found migrating to the Cloud or expanding an existing data warehouse a top priority.

Again, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to make changes based on the needs created by the way the shutdowns and social distancing rules dictated our workday and the other parts of our lives.

But once we got past the immediate revisions, the Cloud also encouraged us to look at the work environment for the future. Office workers proved their trustworthiness and demonstrated the productivity level that could come out of the home office. The stats coming deriving from home offices gives credence to the idea of the hybrid work model allowing workers to split their time between the brick and mortar office building and their home setups.

The Cloud technology allows workers to take what was once a physical workstation and make it virtual. This technology gives more people the ability to work from anywhere and at the same time saves the company a pile of dough when it comes to overhead and operating costs.

The virtual workstation also helps employers broaden their talent pool while encouraging diversity and new ideas. Talk about a great way to grow a business!

What Our Cloud Technology Services Can Do For You

It’s not only giant corporations that benefit from Cloud Technology. Businesses of all sizes find they possess the power to compete with the big guys when they employ the power of the Cloud. Our Cloud technology services will help you in the following ways:

  • It gets you the applications you need for success now.
  • It delivers your product or service on a global scale by creating a limitless infrastructure.
  • The Cloud also allows you to expand your business without a long-term connectivity purchase or commitment.

The above features represent the nuts and bolts of daily operations, but delving more deeply into the success of your business, the Cloud contributes to these essential aspects of moving your company forward:


If your business shows signs of growth, or you’re seeing a seasonal rush, you don’t need to spend a fortune on hardware and extra technical support to keep up with the customer demands. Cloud technology allows you to adapt to adding a virtual server or a new database with a few clicks and at minimal cost and no risk.

The forgiving aspect of Cloud technology encourages experimentation. Growth occurs when transformation happens. The Cloud gives you the tools to grow your business and scale it back during slower times.


With Cloud Technology, you no longer need to wade through email folders or disc drives searching for documents. The Cloud allows you to keep records and information in a central location. Not only does it give all employees the ability to access one platform, but it also enables you to amend documents in real-time. An employee’s security status will determine authorization for changes to a document.

The Cloud also allows you to extend the platform with business associates and vendors throughout the supply chain. It enables you to control access so that only the appropriate individuals view sensitive information. The efficiency of sharing documents through the Cloud speeds up the process and reduces operational costs. Spending less time on sharing and processing information will give you more time for what matters, the customer! Happy customers, of course, translate into a better bottom line.

Real-time Data

The Cloud collects real-time data on business processes through machine-learning data and the existing infrastructure. The infrastructure may include various machine components, manufacturing production lines, and medical devices.

Once collected, the analyzed data identifies both strengths and weaknesses and helps to determine the best direction for your business.

We know that every company’s unique features and challenges require unique IT solutions to reach its potential. To help your company grow at Servcom USA, we offer products such as:

  • Business technology security solutions
  • Office 365
  • Exchange
  • Sharepoint
  • Skype for Business

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here to move your business forward today.

Servcom USA

Servcom USA

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