The Best Cloud Services Provider in South Carolina

If you are unsure about migrating your business to the clouds, maybe the fact small and medium enterprises grow 26% faster when they use an above-average number of cloud services should convince you. Remove any shred of doubt about the benefits awaiting you on the other side of the cloud. It’s reassuring knowing your small business is likely to be more profitable by 21%.

Therefore, if your business is struggling with scalability and cloud services are the solution you have been seeking, there is no better provider in South Carolina than Servcom USA. With our vast range of services delivered by a highly trained team, we can help your business increase productivity and efficiency.

What Do You Gain from Our Cloud Services

Up-time of at least 99.99%

Solid cloud services should be at 99.99% availability, commonly referred to as four nines availability. It amounts to five minutes and fifteen seconds of downtime in a year. Besides addressing all your needs in time, 99.99% availability ensures that we can manage maintenance schedules in time. We also handle disasters and eliminate the possibility of extended outages that could negatively impact your firm.

Secure Backup and Disaster Recovery Capability

A traditional disaster recovery plan takes up so much time because you need a physical location to house your infrastructure. You still have to dip into the company funds because you will engage an IT team to manage the data center. You can get rid of such inefficiencies through a cloud disaster recovery plan because it provides a secure data backup option at a minimal cost.

An ideal service provider should be reliable and guarantee the speed of recovery, security compliance, and scalability. Servcom USA offers that and so much more to ensure you never have to experience data loss.

Virtual Computers

Suppose your employees have a habit of missing deadlines because they can only work while in the office. Virtual computers will solve your problem. There will be no more excuses that they could not access a file on their office computer. They can continue working on any device with remote access once you set up a Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.

The best thing about it is you don’t need more computers for your employees. Whatever device they already have can be remotely connected to the office through Windows Virtual Desktop. If you are worried about licensing costs, don’t be. Windows Virtual Desktop is a free service that can be used with your current Windows or Microsoft 365 per user license.Cloud Backup Solutions

You don’t have to set aside an entire room to store files that can be easily damaged in a fire. Instead, have a cloud backup solution to grant you the peace of mind that your data is secure in an off-site location. With our secondary servers, all you need is to pay a fee depending on the amount of data you want to store, the number of servers we need, and how often you will be accessing your data.

Before you dismiss it as being expensive, think about the labor-saving benefit. You do not have to burden yourself with the increased workload of securing your data and note that data loss could be much more costly.

Virtual Servers

Unlike physical servers, virtual servers share software and hardware resources with other operating systems. As a result, you don’t have to keep physical servers. This saves money in IT costs, and your small business can have the much-needed space that could be used up elsewhere. Besides, since a physical server is partitioned into several virtual servers, each running on a copy of the operating system, you can run different applications in one server without affecting the rest.

Hardware design challenges can make it expensive for most organizations seeking to adopt server virtualization, but Servcom USA creates an efficient virtualized environment that blends well with other components in your infrastructure.

Virtual Storage

There is no more fretting about a misplaced hard disk, virus-infected flash drive, or sluggish computers because of limited capacities. With virtual storage, you do not need more storage devices added to your computers. We can run virtual storage in which all your office computers can share stored data among themselves without the need for additional servers or hardware.

It has the obvious advantage of reducing the cost of buying hardware, and it does not take up space. Moreover, it provides quick access to your data which can then be moved quickly from wherever you are, thus facilitating better workflows.

Why You Should Consider Cloud Services

You can deliver projects faster on a global scale

Anything in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity. Therefore, even remote employees can meet project deadlines no matter where they are. Cloud services also eliminate the need to undergo sophisticated IT infrastructure upgrades because it provides such instantly. With little downtime to deal with, it enhances performance.

Your business grows without a long-term commitment to purchasing infrastructure

When you do not have to buy extra servers and computers to facilitate your operations, the money saved can expand your business. Apart from saving up space, the lack of physical servers ensures that you also don’t have to deal with large amounts of heat. Therefore, there’s no need to spend so much money on air conditioning.

You get the applications you need and set them up in minutes

As long as you have a strong internet connection, installing the various applications you need to enable cloud storage is fast.

With Servcom USA, you have a wide range of business solutions to choose from, including Azure, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, and Office 365. Since we aim to increase efficiency and give you a competitive advantage, we always carry out an intensive assessment of your business needs and recommend the best solution. Our operation areas are Rock Hill, Columbia, and the I77 corridor in South Carolina, so do not hesitate to schedule your initial consultation. Let’s get your business to the clouds, where it is much safer.