Does your organization have a reliable and streamlined telephone system that allows for optimal connection and collaboration?

Ask yourself if you’re taking full advantage of today’s business technology to maximize opportunities through your internal and external communications channels. Today, most companies are either evaluating a move to VoIP business phone systems or have already made the switch. The cost savings over traditional phone systems and the flexibility that enables managers and sales staff to stay fully connected and engaged from any location with internet access, among many other essential benefits, have made VoIP an attractive option.

With VoIP, your company’s phone system is integrated with your email system and the rest of your IT systems as well as the entire World Wide Web. Centralizing all IT resources is a game-changer for competitive businesses determined to optimize customer experience and service, and maximize opportunities for growth. Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions allow you to harness the power of opportunities afforded through fully-connected communications systems.

Here are just some of the key business benefits offered by Servcom’s Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions:

Centralized Full-Service Business Communications

With Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions all of your communications resources are centralized and streamlined for optimal collaboration with your team and your clients. Servcom’s Cloud-hosted VoIP systems are fully managed, which means our clients don’t have to worry about telecom equipment or maintenance. We take care of everything, and we ensure that your team always has the best tools to communicate most effectively.

Flexible and Scalable Communications Systems

A huge priority for modern businesses is the ability to respond to changing and growing business conditions and demands. Our Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions make it easy to change settings and add or remove features as needed. We offer integration for conventional phone systems via a VoIP adapter and a powered-on computer. Our VoIP systems allow users to acquire individualized VoIP contact numbers. That means that no matter where you’re traveling, you need nothing more than a high-speed internet connection to make and receive calls.

State-of-the-Art Communications Features

In addition to providing all of the functional features of traditional phone systems, including Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, and Voicemail, our Cloud-hosted VoIP platforms offer unified communications with tools that make the instant connection more accessible than ever. From Video Conferencing to Instant Messaging platforms, Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions allow users to connect and collaborate like never before.

Unprecedented Portability

One of the most significant benefits of VoIP for businesses is its global availability. Using any broadband connection, you can log into VoIP platforms and get a dial tone. Our Cloud-hosted VoIP systems are also accessible via email and while traveling, all without added costs or connection requirements. This makes mobility easier than ever for busy professionals who are always on the go.

Reduce Your Phone Bills and Communications Equipment Costs

Another significant benefit of Cloud-hosted VoIP for business is that it costs much less than traditional phone systems. Additionally, since VoIP phone systems are connected via the internet, making long-distance calls costs no more than local calls. This means huge savings on business communications expenses. When your VoIP solutions are fully-managed, your organization will avoid significant capital and operational expenses.

Give Your Business the Advantages of Cloud-hosted VoIP

Our Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions offer professionals increased efficiency, mobility, versatility and significant savings. For small business owners, this translates into a substantial competitive advantage. Strong and reliable lines of communication at an affordable price means new business is never out of reach.

For more significant enterprises, Cloud-hosted VoIP can make managing communication between multiple locations a breeze. And of course, for businesses of any size, streamlining the way team members communicate with clients and colleagues ensures that business opportunities are never missed.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is technology that enables telephone and other communications technologies to operate via the internet, instead of across landlines. Voice vibrations are transformed into digital signals and compressed into packets of data.

VoIP Features& Benefits

Business VoIP telephone systems and all you to make and receive all of your phone and video calls, texts, faxes, conference calls and other all other telecommunications through the internet. With hosted VoIP, you need even less equipment, which even further reduces costs for phone technology purchases and maintenance. Current VoIP business telephone systems normally offer some or all of these features:

  • Voicemail-to-email with accurate text versions of your messages along with MP3 recording files
  • Expanded conference calling to many more than the standard three participants landlines allow
  • Online faxing and fax-to-email that lets you send and receive faxes anyplace with internet access
  • Advanced auto call routing system that directs callers to the right extensions and information
  • Many other advanced digital phone systems features, all accessible via portal or smartphone

Keep Your Customers and Your Business Connected

To meet expectations of today’s customers, more and more businesses are bringing their communications systems up to date by switching to VoIP technology. The trend is due to the discovery that traditional business telephones and the land-based systems that support them simply cannot provide the overall communications performance of today’s advanced telecom technology. Cloud-based hosted VoIP systems can also keep sensitive customer data more secure.

Cloud-hosted VoIP business phone services range from minimal plans to enable Internet-based calling and limited features, to cutting-edge telepresence conferencing technology and the most complex integrated telecom and IT platform. Whatever you choose to start with to migrate from traditional hard lines to VoIP, you will find that your new technology is much less expensive, takes much less time to install, and delivers spectacularly expanded capabilities for your business phone systems users.

Servcom USA, Rock Hill, SC

Servcom USA provides Managed IT Services and outsourced IT support to organizations in Rock Hill, Charlotte and throughout the greater Charlotte SC area. Servcom USA has extensive experience in providing dynamic VoIP phone systems for business teams of all kinds and sizes.

If your company is considering the switch to VoIP from a traditional business telephone system, we can help you with all of the information you need to determine your best options. And, when you’re ready to make the change, we’ll ensure that your Cloud-hosted VoIP solution is ideally integrated and configured to fit your business’s communications needs and budget.

For More Information About Cloud-Hosted VoIP

For more information about our hosted VoIP telecommunications services for businesses in the Charlotte, SC area, contact Servcom USA at (803) 619-1414. We look forward to helping you with options for optimizing your communications platform. Ask for your no-obligation phone systems (and IT systems) assessment.

Servcom USA

Servcom USA is an IT Support and Computer Services company with offices in Rock Hill and Columbia, South Carolina. We provide services across the Carolinas, from Columbia to Charlotte, and from Spartanburg to Lancaster County. We provide the comprehensive technical support that Piedmont and Midlands businesses need in order to run highly-effective organizations.

Servcom USA

Servcom USA

Servcom USA is an IT Support and Computer Services company with offices in Rock Hill and Columbia, South Carolina. We provide services across the Carolinas, from Columbia to Charlotte, and from Spartanburg to Lancaster County. We provide the comprehensive technical support that Piedmont and Midlands businesses need in order to run highly-effective organizations.