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By 2025, North America is expected to dominate the 40% VoIP market share thanks to the adoption of cloud services, improved infrastructure, and workforce mobility. With 22% of the American workforce projected to be working remotely by then, it is crucial to prepare by adopting a business VoIP phone.

After clients contact your business, they will rate your telephone customer service based on friendliness, efficiency, clarity of communication, and staff expertise. Therefore, you should strive to provide efficient communication. Cloud-hosted VoIP services are the ideal solution. Servcom USA is a leading provider of cloud-hosted VoIP solutions in South Carolina, catering primarily to the small- and medium-sized businesses in Rock Hill, the I77 corridor and Columbia.

How Do You Benefit from Servcom USA’s Cloud-hosted Business VoIP Phone Solutions?

Centralized and Full-Service Management

Business VoIP phones have the advantage of allowing you to communicate using whichever method you prefer. These include conferencing, voice text, or internet fax. Through these methods, your communication is streamlined and can be adequately managed to optimize collaboration between clients and your team. Furthermore, you can integrate cloud-hosted VoIP solutions with relevant systems to enhance management.

Our cloud-hosted VoIP services also facilitate centralized call processing for businesses with multi-site telephony. As such, your headquarters can manage the various branches through IP phones at each remote site. All you need is network connectivity. Consequently, telephone costs are consolidated into one bill.


When establishing your business and have a handful of employees, you might be tempted to go for a consumer-oriented VoIP solution. However, this will be a major obstacle when your business grows, because a consumer broadband connection will experience regular outrages once the internet connection is slow. Therefore, you must choose a service provider whose VoIP solutions will grow with your business. This is only possible if you engage a commercial telephone VoIP service provider like Servcom USA.

Before choosing a provider, you can assess how scalable the services offered are by asking a few questions:

  • Will the VoIP equipment integrate with the existing infrastructure even when the needs of the business change?
  • Will it be efficient enough to avoid phone systems experiencing downtime when the number of VoIP lines increases?
  • Does it come with features you can implement should you choose to later?


Besides ensuring that you do not need an overhaul of your infrastructure, an excellent cloud-hosted VoIP solution should also provide flexibility. You can take advantage of features such as call forwarding, call waiting, call routing and caller ID for your business communication. VoIP facilitates privacy by giving you an individualized business phone number, so you don’t have to share your personal number with clients.


VoIP users must log in to the SIP phone to make or receive calls. This means that your employees can access their telephones no matter where they are as long they have an internet connection. By retaining a single dedicated number for your business communication, you can establish trust with your clients when you contact them from a familiar number. You can use VoIP service when moving from one place to another without the fear of being disconnected.

Cost Savings

Switching to business VoIP phones can increase your savings by between 50% and 70%. Small businesses lower theirs costs by 40%. Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions offer cost savings in many ways including:


Traditional phone systems require an expensive hardware setup. If you operate in different locations, you have to buy additional hardware. Business communication conducted using VoIP does not need costly hardware installed. Instead, you can route calls to any place and add extra users in real-time without additional costs. You can work with whatever devices are in the organization, including smartphones and laptops.

Calling charges

Global communication with clients does not eat into your budget because the call will be made over the internet. As a result, long-distance charges are relatively low, especially when you consider that most service providers offer unlimited plans that significantly reduce long-distance call charges.


A traditional phone system requires hardware installation and a skilled technician to maintain it, and that comes at an additional cost. Besides, some repairs demand buying some parts. Such problems are a thing of the past with VoIP services because you can do your maintenance online and avoid paying on-site technicians.

You can also access the newest features without the need to invest in software. Also, service providers include maintenance costs in the service payments you agreed to. This way, you do not have to worry about unpredictable and high-operating costs when you need an update.


Bad customer service is not just about rude personnel. Low-quality phone calls and putting customers on hold also count. Unfortunately, these are common issues your business suffers when using traditional phone systems, yet every year, poor customer service costs companies at least $62 billion. Business VoIP phones guarantee reliable communication with a 99.99% uptime, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection. You will never have to worry about a disconnection with cloud-hosted VoIP solutions. When one server is down, another is ready to ensure your communication runs as smoothly as possible.

Your phone system should not be the reason your competitors are doing better. Integrate cloud-hosted VoIP solutions now and experience business growth in a shorter span. With the cost savings extended by a business VoIP phone, you can utilize more resources to meet the targets faster. However, you can only benefit from the many advantages of this advanced phone system if you hire an experienced team such as the one at Servcom USA.

Whatever industry you are operating in, you need efficient communication. We can help you make the switch to cloud-hosted VoIP systems. Contact our skilled technicians to schedule your initial consultation. Servcom USA is the partner you can rely on for all your IT services.

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