The Benefits of Microsoft 365 For Law Firms

Legal professionals face many challenges in the course of service delivery. They must ensure compliance and see to it that their documents are secure and easy to share with teams and clients. As such, they expect that the technology they use will reduce overhead costs, enhance productivity, and increase billable hours. Legal service providers also want technology that can allow them to work from anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft 365 is the solution they need and for all the right reasons. It is a foundational tool that comes with various features to help in document management and effective communication. This cost-effective suite comes with securely hosted online applications that serve to increase your firm’s security and efficiencies. The cloud service also offers continuous innovations geared towards helping you handle various business services. With the proper use of Microsoft 365, your firm will be on its way to growth and success.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based subscription version of Microsoft Office. It was launched in 2010, and most companies across various sectors have benefited from its use. The fact that it undergoes regular updates has helped it remain relevant in many quarters. It also comes with a wide range of tools like OneNote, Excel, and PowerPoint, all of which deliver seamless handling of tasks.

An ABA 2019 Legal Technology Survey Report shows that Microsoft Outlook is the dominant tool for contacts, calendar, email, and document management. Unfortunately, while Outlook is an excellent communication tool, it lacks the dedicated tools that law firms need for legal practice management. Luckily, Microsoft 365 comes in to fill the gap. Other apps that your firm can leverage for enhanced productivity include:

  • Word to enable you to create, design, and collaborate with your teams on documents
  • Microsoft Teams allows you to chat and meet virtually through video and audio calls
  • OneDrive where you can store files and documents, allowing you to access them from anywhere
  • Invoicing to create, edit and send invoices
  • Customer Manager that lets you track customer communication history
  • Flow is a tool that helps you automate and track workflows across various applications
  • To Do is an app that tracks and prioritizes activities, and it seamlessly syncs with Outlook
  • MyAnalytics to track and prioritize daily business activities. With the tool, you can quickly identify the areas of business that need improvement.

Why Embrace Microsoft 365 In Your Law Firm?

Law firms have a lot to balance in their daily operations. Microsoft 365 has proved to be the tool they can rely on to strike a balance with the least amount of effort. It helps make things more accessible as it is always up-to-date and is available from virtually anywhere. Here’s how your firm stands to benefit by using Microsoft 365:

Improved Workflow and Functionality 

Your company’s team members have different roles to play. At any one time, there are various responsibilities to be met and projects to be completed. Therefore, it’s crucial to be able to integrate, share, and manage workflows concurrently. Through the tools that Microsoft 365 provides, team members can share documents and data, coordinate legal matters, and collaborate on projects.

Better Client Relationship Management 

For any business to grow and thrive in its industry, it must have an effective client relationship management strategy. Law firms must handle their clients the right way and promote client satisfaction. The various tools on Microsoft 365, for example, SharePoint and Dynamics, can help firms manage, store, and track communications with clients. As such, they can run dynamic campaigns geared towards meeting the needs of their clients. The CRM software can also boost client acquisitions within a law firm.

Document Storage and Management 

The kind of documents and data law firms handle are sensitive. They call for safe and efficient storage and management strategy. Luckily, Microsoft 365 provides safe storage for files, Word documents, emails, and Excel spreadsheets. The tool is compliant with world-class security industry standards including, HIPAA, EU Model Clauses, ISO 27001, and FISMA. The inbuilt capabilities, such as versioning control, permissions, eDiscovery, and records management, provide for the management, control, and archiving of documents. You can retrieve them in one place with decreased overhead.

Microsoft 365 also provides for the ability to track the modifications and share files and documents. Most of these document management tools seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft 365 products like Outlook, Delve, and Power Bi.

Rock-Solid Security 

In terms of document safety, you cannot downplay the role of Microsoft 365 in protecting your documents. The storage applications feature foolproof measures that keep your documents and files safe. Besides, Microsoft takes liability for any cybersecurity breaches.

Microsoft 365 provides step-by-step deployment guidance, allowing you to manage your services and users from one admin portal. The built-in security features deflect malware, phishing attacks, spam, and all cybersecurity threats. A Microsoft 365 expert can help you with migration, custom work, and provide ongoing support.

Mobility Usage 

If your firm is like most others, your team has to work both inside and outside the office. Sometimes you find yourself working on the go. In such cases, you must have access to important documents or information and complete tasks from anywhere. Microsoft 365 provides you with these resources so that you can work from anywhere. When you access your files and documents, they will always be in the most recent version.

Is Microsoft 365 Safe for Law Firms?

In addition to being compliant with security standards, Microsoft 365 also introduced Secure Store. This feature enables lawyers to evaluate the security of their accounts depending on their activities and security settings. This tells you that you also have a part to play in ensuring the software you use is secure. Microsoft also provides more information on how you can create a cyber-resilience strategy in its security section page.

Migrating from your current IT systems to Microsoft 365 may call for expertise that your team may not have. At Servecom USA, we help firms like yours integrate seamless IT environments for smooth business processes. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and let us discuss your Microsoft 365 needs.

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