“Servcom USA provides longstanding IT service and support for Rock Hill Doctor Team of IT professionals from Servcom USA are trusted and recommended by local Internal Medicine clinic.  ”

Servcom USA has a longstanding partnership with South Carolina internist Tracy Timony since 2000, when she was a client through another practice. Dr. Timony now runs a private practice in Rock Hill and has had an excellent working relationship with Servcom USA for over five years. Servcom USA provides Dr. Timony and her team with a fully-managed IT support experience that includes:

Practice Manager, Addie Alexander notes that Servcom USA is a strategic team that doesn’t drop the ball. The clinic’s IT resources are strategically organized to support operational efficiency and a streamlined care experience. “The Servcom team ensures that our IT infrastructure is aligned correctly,” says Alexander. “This allows Dr. Timony and our entire staff to do their jobs more effectively and access the resources they need more efficiently. The ultimate result is a more organized and efficient care experience for our patients, which is of course, our top priority.” The Servcom USA team keeps Dr. Timony’s practice running smoothly by ensuring their network is secure and functioning optimally. The Servcom team is committed to supporting entire staff through strategic technology solutions and reliable support. It’s this foundation that has allowed for a long-standing relationship with Dr. Timony and her staff. “The bottom line is that Servcom has consistently shown that their team is not only reliable, but proactive and innovative,” continues Alexander. “They’ve helped us stay on top of our IT and that has allowed our team to focus on creating the best care experience possible for patients. Their support is invaluable to us and we highly recommend the Servcom USA approach to IT service.” Wondering how your practice could be better deploying IT? Could your clinic use an IT overhaul? Looking for a service provider who will help you evolve and optimize over the long-term? Reach out to the Servcom USA team of professionals right away at (803) 619-1414 or drop us a line anytime

Addie Alexander
Practice Manager, Tracy M. Timony, MD

“Thanks, Servcom USA, for all you do for us!”

While we are not Servcom USA's largest client, we still receive a high level of service, including attention at inconvenient, non-traditional hours when we have had issues related to our system. During a recent consultation, the Servcom USA person with whom I worked walked me through each step of the process and stayed with me until we were sure the problem was resolved. What I appreciated most was that I was treated with respect and with absolutely no condescension or impatience, an attitude I have encountered with other vendors.

Allison Askins
St. Martin's-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church

“Reliable IT Services For Our 15 Years!”

For more than 15 years, our company has been utilizing Servcom USA for our IT services and support. Servcom USA offers high quality services and exceptional support staff. I can say that we have always been satisfied with their work.

Lisa M. Comer
Carolina Medical Consultants, PA

“The best IT Services in Rock Hill!”

We have been a client of Servcom USA for over 6 years. Without Servcom USA we cannot run our office and take care of our patients as effectively as we currently do. Thank you.

Alice Spencer
Tracy M. Timony, MD

“Extremely Friendly and responsive team!”

The Staff at Servcom USA are all extremely friendly and responsive to our calls. The Servcom USA staff are always reliable, and readily available in time of need which are very sparse.

Kathy Raymes
York Baptist Association